About us

The Bahia Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy is a BJJ academy that offers professional coaching several times a day. Our head coach Francisco guides the exercises in an inspiring style. Students can choose suitable training times according to their own schedule and level. In addition to personal competition coaching, there is a program for beginners, women and children. The academy is clean and organized place where everyone is safe to practice. Our goal is to make you feel warmly welcomed to be a part of our jiu-jitsu family.

Beginners class

A 8-week long course, with classes twice a week, aimed at people who are 14 years or more and have never had the opportunity to train jiu-jitsu in their lives. During the course you will learn the fundamentals of jiu-jitsu and self defense, essential for your experience in this new challenge. With personalized classes by our black belt head coach, you will get step by step instruction to prepare you for future classes. The language for teaching is English.

This course is extremely important for all students. It will be a great pleasure for us to show you this great horizon that is jiu-jitsu and help you, who have never practiced jiu-jitsu, to live a healthy and disciplined lifestyle, both on and off the mat.

The next course will starts on Tuesday 5.3.2024 18:30. Register to the beginners course »

I like how the beginners course is structured so that the techniques are repeated evenly. Therefore they are very memorable and after every class I feel like I have learned so much and know what to look for in a position. The best part is to challenge myself everytime and notice the developement both in techniques and intensity of the training. It is a very rewarding and unique feeling.


Female class

An exclusive group for women led by a woman, our coach Milla Bahia. This group aims to bring together women with the most varied desires, whether for weight loss, self-defense, quality of life or competition, in addition to being an inspiring group capable of promoting women’s self-esteem and confidence. Women’s jiu-jitsu has grown over the years and is one of the sports that has become more popular among women, a great opportunity for you who are looking to do something different in your routine. We offer a safe and pleasant environment.

Private classes

Private class includes a comprehensive 60 minute practice where the coach goes through the client’s skills and weaknesses. The exercises are intense and already in one session the student can improve their jiu-jitsu skills much faster than in group lessons.

Private classes are highly recommended for everyone, especially for those who lack the time to participate in regular classes or those who want to quickly evolve their jiu-jitsu.

Kids class

Children – from 7 years to 13 years of age. Beneficial class for child to release energy playfully while learning the basics of jiu-jitsu.

Kids jiu-jitsu classes aim to improve body control, mobility, balance concentration and self-confidence. The child learns Brazilian jiu-jutsu techniques such as take downs, controls and wrestling, as well as working in a group and listening to and following instructions.

We are now accepting new registrations for the new course starting on 10.1.2024. Register to the kids class »


Class totally dedicated to competitions with 2 hours of training, this class is usually different from the others due to the level of training being more intense and exhausting, seeking a great performance for competitions. The competition class will always be a challenge for you to beat yourself and connect more and more with competitive jiu-jitsu.

So if you have already competed or have a dream of competing, this group is for you.

Mixed class BJJ and submission wrestling

For you who have had contact with jiu-jitsu or even have some kind of graduation. This class will be available every day and on this mat they will all be together regardless of range or level. In this class, everyone helps each other to reach their goal. The language for teaching is English.